Quality Control

The laboratory of our company is an important link in the cycle of high-quality feed production. We cooperate closely with reliable suppliers of feedstock with guaranteed quality, but at the same time it’s only natural that we control constantly all the incoming goods. As ingredients of our feeds we use products of the leading agricultural enterprises that have their own departmental laboratory capacities, so our laboratory is organically fit into the general system of sequential control of such raw materials.

The data provided by our laboratory are especially informative when monitoring the technological cycle of the feeds’ production. The points for carrying out these inspections are already formed taking into account the requirements of the HASSP and are prepared for accreditation with due regard for the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000.

In the process of development of our laboratory, we can identify the main indicators of the physical and chemical condition for both raw materials and finished products, which are able to characterize the quality of the product and its derivatives as fully as possible. Our laboratory also continuously monitors the water used in order to make our feeds.

Employees of our laboratory received the appropriate special education and completed the necessary internships at the State veterinary laboratory of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and the State Standard of Ukraine.