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Roycher™ AQUA dry extruded complete feeds for fish are produced using modern high-technology equipment intended for extrusion of dry feeds for small animals. In the process of manufacturing we use advanced techniques, which make it possible to obtain the highest quality. We propose to use this product in the main feeding of sturgeon, trout and carp, as well as for catfish and crustaceans.

It is well known that in order to achieve the best results in growing fish, the most important factors are:
production planning,
proper feed selection,
right feeding strategy choosing.
The fish growth rate and the efficiency of feed use are closely related factors that are estimated by two main indicators: the specific growth rate (average daily growth) and the feed conversion ratio.

It is possible to control density of pellets during ekstrusion of dry feeds “Roycher™ AQUA Fish” that allows to receive floating, sinking and slowly sinking feeds. Experiments show that the rate of immersion of sinking extruded feeds (the ones intended for the food fish) in water to for the depth of 1 m is not less than 6-7 seconds. At the same time, granulated feeds immerse to the same depth in 3-4 seconds.

“Roycher™ AQUA Fish” extruded feeds obtain porous internal texture owing to rapid expulsion of steam from the basic materials mixture (effect of micro explosion) in the moment of exit from the extruder. Combined effect of pressure and temperature in the treated material results in protein denaturation, starch dextrination, and complete sterilization of the feed. The extruded feed particles are more firm than any granulated ones, so their ability to crumble and drop-out rate are less than 1% in comparison with the granulated feeds (5 - 8%).

Thus, when using “Roycher™ AQUA Fish” extruded feeds, the amount of dust getting into water during the fish feeding diminishes by 75% and, consequently, the direct pollution of water declines.

“Roycher™ AQUA Fish” extruded feeds are more resistant to water and completely keep their form and structure within 2-4 hours of stay in water.

Extruded feeds are more efficiently absorbed by fish, they let to obtain low feeding ratios and to reduce water pollution by fish waste.

Fish-breeding assessment of extruded pellets of “Roycher™ AQUA Fish” feeds in some fish farms of Ukraine showed that due to them it’s possible to reach high rates as follows:
in carp breeding - up to 150 kg /m3, with feed flow for gain the weight - 1.8-2.3 kg/kg
in cage and pool catfish breeding it is possible to gain 125 kg/m3 with feed flow 2.0 kg/kg.
Therefore, “Roycher™ AQUA fish” extruded feeds promote increasing of productivity and reduction of feed costs for the fish weight gain.

For extruding of “Roycher™ AQUA Fish” feeds we use extruders, i.e. special presses which principles of work are based on the following technological processes: mixture of grains and other components being shredded and moisturized (up to 12-17% of humidity) move to the extruder. The extrusion process needs pressure of 3-5 MPa and tempterature of + 120-200 ° C. Out of the head hole of the extruder (or out of the die) exit swollen porous rope shaped product or pellets of different diameters being lighter than water.

It was ascertained that the extrusion of feed is based on three processes:
- temperature treatment of the feed under pressure,
- mechanochemical deformation
- "explosion" of the product at the front of the negative pressure shock.

All this results in profound destructive changes in nutrients - starch degrades to dextrins and sugars, proteins denature. For example, natural wheat contains: starch - 46.5%, dextrins - 4.9% and sugars - 5.3%, and extruded, respectively: 18.2%; 21.9% and 10.9%; in natural barley: starch - 50.5%; dextrins - 6.4% and sugars - 5.6, in extruded, respectively: 11.8%; 39.9 % and 9.6 %; in natural peas: starch - 25.8%; dextrins - 5.5% and sugars - 3.0%, and in extruded, respectively: 18.8%; 8.1% and 3.5%. As can be seen, after extrusion, amount of starch decreases while amount of dextrins and sugars increases. In this way nutrients are more readily available for digestion by fish, especially for predatory species. It is also indicated that after extrusion,
the taste of feed improves,
enzyme inhibitors are inactivated,
some toxins are neutralized and their producers are destroyed,
which is very important in fish feeding.

Imporantly, up to 95% of ingredients used for Roycher™ AQUA feeds - are domestic products of the leading agro-industrial enterprises of Ukraine. All the ingredients used by our company undergo strict institutional laboratory control as well as periodical control of the public veterinary service of Ukraine and laboratory control of public authorities of certification of Ukraine. We have all the approval documents, registration certificates, permits and licenses provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

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Sturgeon feed

protein (min) - 43.00% fat (min) - 12.00% fiber (max.) - 2.50% ash (max.) - 9.00% humidity (max.) - 10.00%" class="materialinfoCSS materialinfo">Composition Details

Dry water-resistant (sinking) complete extruded feed for sturgeon

Catfish feed

protein (min) - 38.00% fat (min) - 12.00% fiber (max.) - 2.50% ash (max.) - 9.00% humidity (max.) - 10.00%" class="materialinfoCSS materialinfo">Composition Details

Dry water-resistant (floating) complete extruded feed for clarias (marble) catfish

Carp feed

protein (max.) — 30,00 % fat (min.) — 8,00 % fiber (max.) — 2,50 % ash (max.) — 9,00 % humidity (max.) — 10,00 %" class="materialinfoCSS materialinfo">Composition Details

Dry water-resistant (floating) complete extruded feed for cyprinids.

Trout feed

protein (min.) - 40.00% fat (min.) - 10.00% fiber (max.) - 2.50% ash (max.) - 9.00% humidity (max.) - 10.00%" class="materialinfoCSS materialinfo">Composition Details

Dry water-resistant (sinking) complete extruded feed for trout

“Roycher ™ AQUA Fish" dry feeds are manufactured in Ukraine from natural ingredients using the formulas developed by the American experts and controlled by the years-long experience. At present our company has all the necessary technological conditions, skills and expertise in order to be out of competition. All the products were created taking into account needs of freshwater fishes at all stages of their development. It is possible to say with confidence that “Roycher™ AQUA fish” feeds will help you to increase considerably profitability of your fish farm, as you can entrust us care of thoughtful feeding there.

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