About the Roycher Brand

“Roycher ™ AQUA fish" is a relatively young but successfully developing brand in the market of dry extruded complete feeds for pond and aquaculture breeding of commodity fish in Ukraine, thus it quickly gains preferences and trust of representatives of the agricultural business.

All the “Roycher ™ AQUA fish” feeds are made in Ukraine and 90% of components are domestic. “Roycher™ AQUA fish” dry extruded complete feeds are made on the modern high-tech equipment. We purchased and installed a separate specialized line for the production of extruded fish feed.

Advantages of Roycher ™ AQUA feeds


Main features of the Roycher ™ AQUA extruded dry complete feeds:

  • The use of modern extrusion equipment allows to obtain pellets of dry feed with the required shape and texture, as well as to change their density, which allows to produce moisture-resistant floating, sinking and slowly sinking feeds.
  • The method of low-temperature layer-by-layer spraying of vitaminized fat developed by us allows saturating each pellet of feed with a necessary amount of vitamins and thermolabile enzymes.
  • The use for our feeds of mixture of natural dehydrated fish, crustaceans and poultry flesh, as well as dried paultry blood, allows to obtain product with high content of digestable proteins of animal origin.
  • A wide range of grain and plant components make it possible to obtain feeds with optimal content of fiber and a set of proteins of plant-origin.
  • The use in the feed of vitamin-mineral premix manufactured by one of the leading European producers allows us to maintain in it the optimal ratio of the main macro- and micronutrients, as well as to maintain the composition of the necessary vitamins being necessary for successful fish growth.